Monday, May 23, 2005

Knife-wielding Maniacs!!

I've always had an interest in horror movies as long as I can recall. I'm not sure if the intrigue came from my strange childhood filled with ghosts and paranormal activity or maybe I like the adrenaline-rush I get knowing that certain death may be looming around the next corner for whatever character I'm watching. I don't like to see anyone die so we'll just go with my odd childhood.

I have accumulated a vast DVD collection over the last couple of years. It ranges from War Movies to Westerns to Horror flicks. Some of my favorite horror movies go as followed:

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These three movies are so much fun to watch because they're actually inteligent movies. The killer doesn't run around at random killing people for no reason, well it is a horror movie so granted there are a couple murders that are just thrown in there. They all usually have a purpose though. The random ones are people who get in the way. they force it on themselves.

Michael Myers was after his relatives. Norman was a schizo and was killing due to his mother's jealousy and whoever was ghost face in each movie was out for some sort of far fetched vengeance.

Michael Myers has always been my favorite though. He's so methodical in his tactics. He always took his time and even a creepy nick name was coined for him.

The Shape.

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This name came from when he would randomly appear in the darkness usually in the background. He would just appear and all you would see was his white William Shatner mask. Yes, the Michael Myers Mask was a William Shatner Mask painted white. How great!

Of these movies though I would have to say that scream is the most gruesome. I sat down to watch it a couple months ago and was a bit disturbed watching the first couple of scenes where Drew Barrymore is brutally murdered. I enjoy the more pyschological thrilling side of it all. I'm not quite into the grizzly murder aspect though. Either way, it's a very clever movie and it was a nice edition to horror movies in the 90's. Actually, it was one of the only good ones.

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They just don't seem to make classics anymore. I guess they think the kids just want to see blood and gore. They need to start re-releasing some hitchcock movies again. I think the younger generation would flock to the theatres to see them. If people will watch George Lucas films surely they would sit through a Hitchcock marathon.

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I'm not keeping my fingers crossed though.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Revenge of the

"Hi. My name is John Carroll and I'm a Star Wars fan."

I like Star Wars, but I don't believe I'll ever have to go to a "meeting" about it.

Some of these people might though.

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I don't believe that I will ever reach the magnitude of dorkdom as some of these people have.

I wish I could say these pictures were taken at the theatre I was at last night at 12:01am, but the digital camera died. I just had to randomly search google for nerds from other parts of the country/world.

My evening was still interesting to say the least. I got out of work around 5:30pm and ran over to the nearest movie theatre to my house. When I pulled up all of the main radio stations in the city were parked out front taking pictures and video taping all of the devout Star Wars Fans who came dressed up.

I thought to myself. "This is the closest any of these people will ever come to fame." I walked amongst them briefly checking out their sci-fi garb. This was like prom for these people, but tail gating before hand without any alcohol. This was 6 hours before the movie started. They even had little waiting lines sectioned off so that people could sit and wait.

At this point in time I thought that I probably wasn't going to get a ticket for the midnight showing. I approached the front counter.

"Do you have anymore tickets left?"

I wasn't going to even say what movie. He would know. I was hoping that I wasn't going to have to use any Jedi mind tricks on this mother fucker to get some tickets. He gleefully replied that there was 70 tickets left for one of the showings. I bought my tickets and went back outside to watch the freaks.

When I was walking around checking out all of the costumes I wanted to make fun of them or point and laugh, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. You almost have to somewhat admire them for being so excited about it. This is like their revelation. It's the end of the end! They know they look silly, but they don't care. This is the only time other than Halloween that they can get their geek on and not be laughed much.

I went home and tried to take a nap before I went back to the theatre, but I couldn't manage to get any sleep. So I just hung around and contemplated wearing my Darth Vader mask and light saber. (I'm kidding.)

11:00pm rolled around and we showed up at the theatre. The place eas sold out and it was packed! I actually parked in an overflow parking lot. We got into some pretty good seats without any complications. I ended up having one empty seat next to me. I was hoping it would remain vacant, but I think Lil' Jon's brother sat down with me. He wasn't that ghetto, but he snuck alcohol into the theatre with him and asked him if I minded if he drank. If the guy went to such great lengths to drink in the theatre i'm not going to stop him. So we got trashed. (Kidding again.)

When the movie started the peanut gallery began to cheer and I'll have to agree it was a glorious sight. I've been waiting on this damn movie ever since I left the theatre after seeing Episode II. Three damn years!

Here's my review of Episode III in a nutshell.

Hayden Christenson wasn't so bad this time around.

R2D2 is truely an unsung hero.

General Grievous is a badass motherfucker.

Yoda is the man or green thing.

The Jedi Council are blind idiots.

Obi-wan is tougher than he looks.

They should've shown the blue Jedi girl other than her dying. She's hot for a blue alien.

Anakin on fire was very satisfying.

James Earl Jones still has it.

The action scenes were intense, the love scenes were cheesy and the end was filled with despair.

Thank God for Luke!

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Shroud of the Dark Side has fallen..

Wow. I've been really busy and in a non-blogging state lately. I'm back though and filled with meaningless and "random" thoughts and ideas.

As the release of the newest episode in the prequel trilogy of Star Wars approaches, I find myself once again mesmerized by the whole concept of it all. This happened to me exactly three years ago when episode II came out. I was actually abroad in Budapest with alot of time on my hands so I read everything I could find about Star Wars and saw Attack of the Clones three times in the theatre. Movies there were only $3 in American money so it was easy to justify. I actually went to the theatre eight times in two months while I was there. It was kind of sick.

When I was a little boy I was never really into Star Wars. I liked the whole idea of it, but never got into the first trilogy. Then when I was 18 they were putting out episode 1 so I decided to go ahead and catch up with the other guys my age and figure out what the big deal was. I actually watched them backwards. Return of the Jedi,Empire Strikes Back and then I watched A New Hope. I guess I just wanted to know what happened without having to watch all of them. Once I was satisfied with the ending I moved on or backwards.

Along with most everyone else I wasn't a big fan of the last two episodes, but I was OK with it in the end just because it brought the story line along. George Lucas could mess the third one up, but then again, could he really? How could he mess up Anakin who is a whiney,immature asshole becoming evil and doing what he has always wanted; Dualing his master to the death!

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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith comes out on May 19th. Until then I'll just have to be patient and hold myself over by collecting the toys.

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Yes, I really did buy these and I have about 16 more. Only 36 of them total. I just need 17 more and I have them all!!!

Some people do drugs. Some people buy fancy cars. I buy DVD's and action figures that I always wanted to buy when I was a kid, but couldn't because I didn't have any money. I'm having fun in my childhood fantasy, but will I be able to get a date?