Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mercedes Benz

There weren’t any nice glasses to drink out of so I sipped cheap whiskey out of a coffee mug. The whiskey was not only cheap, but it was stolen. They took it from a party that they had attended earlier in the week. They probably were drunk, hence the reason they stole the cheap stuff. Beggars can’t be choosers though, so I sipped my cheap, stolen whiskey from a coffee mug gratefully.

My seat was an old chair with patterned upholstery that I shared with a semi folded blanket and a stuffed monkey. The desk to my right was black and had emerald knobs on the drawers. It reminded me of Oz.

The record player blasted Janis Joplin. It seemed fitting.

“I’m glad you’re around more often.”

“Me too.”

Whiskey soothed my throat and I put my arm around the monkey.

There’s no place like home.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Water into Wine

I've read the stories of ordinary people living by faith, walking on water and healing others of their diseases, men and women changing the world through faith in something unseen.

Lord, I’m not so sure that I have the faith to even say you’re name anymore. The thought of water doesn’t make me want to walk across it, but maybe hold my head under for as long as it takes. And for the healing, I can’t even mend my broken heart, let alone a woman with an issue of blood.

Please change this water into wine so that I might have faith.
Make it so intoxicating that I forgot my transgressions.
Intoxicate me so that I might believe.
You should just take a drink so that you’ll forget all about me.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Talking with your mouth full.

Sam didn't like the ink blot tests. He didn't like all of the probing questions about his childhood either. His parents never beat him nor did anyone ever molest him. Even though he was a nosy kid he never even found his dad's Playboys stashed under the basement stairs.

Regardless of what everyone thought, Sam was a pretty normal kid. The only difference was how he saw truth, or actually the lack there of. Depending on the person and the extent of their delusions, lies or just plain bull shit, their words would manifest into tangible objects.

One day it might be jelly beans, the next it might be marbles. Unfortunately, some days it would be a bit grimmer as it might be ants, bees or even scorpions. Sam preferred the jelly beans.

His shrink talked and talked and talked. Sam listened to every word that came out of her mouth, but he never made eye contact. Even though she seemed sincere the obvious signs helped him determine that she was full of shit, because that's all he could see coming out of her mouth.

Through out her monologue the consistency of the fecal matter would change. Sometimes it would crumble out her jaws as though she just took a big bite and was chewing with her mouth open. Moments later it might squeeze out as if her head was a giant Play-Doh Fun Factory. And when she got heated about him not looking at her, explosive diarrhea splattered the walls.

Similar to seeing dead people, you could understand how this “gift” might traumatize an adolescent. Sam took it all in stride though, mainly because he was waiting for the day that he might meet someone who only had words come out of their mouth when they spoke.