Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bad Timing

It happened so fast.

Florida, where everyday is summer. Exploding through the sandy grass barefoot trying to catch one another until we fell victim to that which laid in wait, sand spurs and fire ants. You heard my screams and saved me from that which no one else would. The only thing he said was “He’ll live.” You were always there. I knew no other and wanted nothing. We were on the brink of disaster, but now I believe in miracles, even if they don’t last forever.

The grass was blue and so were you, because you still weren't complete. We thought it was what you always wanted, but you still haven’t figured that one out. You both trained us to fight in your own ways. Damaging words and breaking boards were weekly occurrences. Knowledge of how to use our rage most effectively was in instilled. People now fear our actions and intellect, even each other.

The heat was sweltering and I knew nothing of this place, but I was never your favorite so I learned how to adapt. Flourishing after just a short time, I grew small branches. More than a decade later, they are strong and sturdy. They tower above the rest, even you.

London was a flash and you left me in Budapest. He was stranded on the mountain with a gun in his mouth. His name inscribed on each bullet, hand carved. You wouldn’t save him, it was impossible. You probably would’ve pulled the trigger if given the chance.

My finger crushed as I blocked the trigger that I considered pulling for myself and we both collapsed in pain. We wailed and mourned the loss and that which might have been. Our tears saturated us, but caused us to flourish once again, without you. He’s always there. I know no other and want nothing else.

We were on the brink of disaster, but I still believe in miracles, even if they don’t last forever.