Saturday, February 20, 2010

This To Shall Pass

This winter seems two seasons long. It’s fitting though, everything else has been numbing and long and drawn out as of late. Why not the weather? Once I settle in for the evening, I usually go for my night cap. The ice I put in my glass has freezer burn on it. Once poured though, the whiskey removes all traces.

The drink is doing something to me tonight. Lighting a fire inside my frozen body and thawing out what’s been numb. Two birds with one stone!

The holidays went by so quickly. I don’t remember Thanksgiving and I was sleeping in a guest bedroom during Christmas. I did receive a year supply of shaving cream and a book on serial killers though. Nothing like reading about a triple homicide to ring in the new year! And that’s just what I did while I worked. Happy New Year!

It snowed on “our” Valentine’s Day. After eluding work, I got her a DVD about Philadelphia and she helped me not forget about Dre. Some assholes destroyed our snowman hours after we brought him in to this world, but we do live in the South, so maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

New things could be happening this year though. My Dad could potentially not have anyone living in his basement, my better half will be spending more time in the snobbier part of town due to work and I think I might just try gaining the “Freshman Fifteen”.

First things first though, Spring must arrive.