Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Affairs

“I know we haven’t really spoken in a long time but we need to go over a few things.”

“I agree.”

“Based on the will we get everything split down the middle.”

“Do you remember when we both got bikes for Christmas when we lived in Florida?”

“Yeah… but we need to figure out if we’re going to sell the house or if one of us wants to take over the mortgage.”

“Most kids don’t get to really enjoy riding a new bike that they got for Christmas because it’s so cold. I was wearing shorts and rode it down the driveway barefoot. Man, I loved that bike.”

“Alright. Well, his motorcycle is in the garage. Do you want that? It’s been paid off for years.”

“It’s actually a Harley. I remember everyone being terrified that he was going to kill himself when he bought it. He took me for my first ride when I was 12. Oh shit. Lindsey’s Dad was pissed when I pulled up in the driveway to pick her up for prom. All those years of riding and he never laid it down once.”

“OK. Well, you get the Harley and I’ll take the BMW.”

“I remember you driving the Beamer to prom senior year. How is Sarah?”

“She’s fine. Based on the statements from the financial advisor there’s about 650k between savings, 401k and his Roth IRA.”

“Is she still in Real Estate? I imagine it would be tough with the way the market has been the last few years.”

“No. She stays home with the boys now. We’re going to have to transfer funds into different accounts as we separate it all. There’s going to be penalties if we don’t do this right. So we can sit down with my financial planner and figure out the best way to set it all up.”

“I’ll make sure to swing by and see them. I miss those little guys.”

“Well, they’re not so little anymore. They’re both in middle school now. We need to focus on the house. I have an appraiser coming out next week to look at it. I’m thinking we sit on it for a while and wait for the market to come back up. We’re going to have to keep paying the mortgage on it, but we can rent it out in the meantime.”

“I haven’t seen my old room in years.”

“Well, you’re going to get a chance. You need to clean it out before you leave. They never touched it after you went in to the service.”

“Do you want to pick up the family and grab dinner tonight? I haven’t been to Ruby’s in years.”

“The boys have soccer tonight. Well, we’re good here. I’m going to need you to sign various documents moving forward. You don’t have to stick around as we go through this process. I can e-mail you receipts and have the money transferred into your account. I’ll be in touch.”

“Alright. It was good to see you again.”