Monday, March 25, 2013

End Of The Road

I always knew this day would come. It probably should've happened a long time ago, but I just needed the right motivation. Due to my chapbook coming out next month, I had to get a legit web address that wasn't a blogger account to promote Slow Burn.

I didn't upgrade too much though. I just used a customized Tumblr. I built two Wordpress websites last year. I didn't feel like building another. This blog isn't going away though. It's been an archive for 8 years and will remain that way. I'm just not going to be updating here anymore.

I've loved this little space on the internet though. From time to time, I'll go back and read posts from years ago. Some are embarrassing, but I typically see what I was trying to pull off-- an idea, a thought or a musing. I'm grateful that blogging websites were created. I might not have become a writer otherwise.

Not many people can say or would care to have everything they've ever written stashed somewhere. A Mind Awake contains about 95% of my writing. For the most part, I really like most of what's I've written the last 3 years. For some reason, 2008 had a lot of action going on when it comes to short stories.

By no means do I feel like I have "arrived", but I've grown a lot as a writer and a person since making my first post in 2005. Writing is a process. I'm glad I got to do the first leg of it here.

Anyway, thank you to anyone who ever read or commented, it meant a lot. Moving forward, you can follow me here: